There is a (Windows) pc or laptop and a beamer available in each conference room. Bring your own laser pointer or clicker if you wish to use one. Each presentation lasts 20 minutes in total: 17 minutes for presentation and 3 minutes for Q&A. Time limits will be strictly enforced by the chairperson. To save time, please copy your presentation from the USB stick to the desktop of the computer prior to the session, and verify that it runs properly.


Unless indicated otherwise in the conference program, the last presenter of each session is the chairperson. The chairperson has only one task: to make sure that presenters start and finish on time. Each presentation lasts 20 minutes in total: 17 minutes for the actual presentation and 3 minutes for Q&A. In the case of a free presentation slot in the session, all presentations should start and finish at the times indicated in the conference program to allow participants to switch between sessions.

poster presentations

Posters can have a maximum size of 1189 x 841 mm, corresponding to format A0 (landscape). We recommend using this maximum size. Poster boards with attachment material will be provided. You should drop off your poster at the registration desk on Thursday morning, and pick it up again on Thursday afternoon or Friday morning. Please make sure that the poster is self-explanatory, so that the interaction with viewers can be focused at specific questions instead of basic information. Avoid small font types, design the poster such that it can be viewed from a distance of a few meters. The main points should be clear without extended viewing. Don't forget to include the list of authors and to mark the name of the presenting author. You may wish to mention contact info for the corresponding author.